I’m not dead yet!

But the best laid plans often go awry…

It’s been a long semester for me. Despite not having a numerically harder schedule in raw credits, I’ve been buried under a continual avalanche of things needing to get done. My sleep app informs me that I’ve only gone to bed before 3AM once this week, a trend that’s not going to be broken tonight as I write this due to what I have due tommor-… er, well… today.

However, I’ve broken a lot of software this semester, so I have plenty of blog posts that I need to write… some day… In the mean time, the first of the blog posts for the independent study I’m doing this semester have had someone proofread them, so they have been scheduled to go live over the next week. My main site has fallen fairly out of date, but that’s ok because I’m rebuilding it from the ground-up and the content is also going to get some much-needed love.

In addition to the usual business of making sure that things don’t burn down, here’s some of what I’ve been up to:

  •  Crazy Jekyll templating on the RITlug website (repo here)
  • Adapting to apartment & commuter life
  • Doing server work
    • Bit of club work to try to keep things moving
    • Mostly breaking almost all of m personal infra setup
    • Turns out that Ubuntu doesn’t do a good job of cleaning up old kernels, so I had the experience of using rm with a wildcard in /boot
    • Trying to balance security with convenience in a low-scale environment that isn’t reliably secure

And here’s a list of blog posts I need to write someday:

  • A few more blog posts about my independent study
  • Problems of high-end computing at a low scale
  • I broke almost my entire home lab, what I learned, & how I’m re-engineering it
  • Why I don’t like Docker – the problems of qualitative scaling
  • Moving my laptop to Linux not-to-plan & the experience. Also what I’m planning to do in the next iteration
  • A visual walkthrough of Git and evaluating a GitHub profile, based on showing a non-computing professor how this works
  • How to Jekyll – both the basics & some cool stuff
  • Moved my website to a VPS & made it PaaS
  • Rewriting my portfolio site (post will come after I finish)

Well, the posts are scheduled and I’m going back to being buried for a couple weeks, but hopefully I can get some more posts going soon.


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